Is it possible your body wants to be healthy, burn fat and get fit, but it hasn't found the right system yet? Join the bootybarre BURN 60 Day Challenge and let your body be the judge.

Tracey's energy is amazing. Her positive uplifting voice got me through doing the videos. I feel more like my old self. Before this program I wasn't going to be in a bikini anytime soon. And I'm actually kind of shocked that within 60 days that I'm able to be in a bikini again.

Lindsey said goodbye to the baby weight and lost 14 lbs & 17 inches~

Now it’s your turn to get fit, lose weight and have more energy so you can live your life to the fullest, most expanded potential possible.

Hello Beautiful!

Are you ready for your fresh start?

I’ve dedicated over a year in research and development to create the very best solution to rescue, revive and redesign your body and your life.

  • For those of you who are ready for something new.
  • For those of you who are ready to unleash a version of yourself you didn’t even realize was in there.
  • For those of you who are sick of quick fixes and gimmicks and want something real.


Introducing: The bootybarre BURN 60 Day Challenge

All online.
Join from anywhere.
Start anytime.

Compared to other programs that promise a brand new body in 20 days, 60 days may seem like a long time.

I’m a realist and will always be honest. Plans like this are not teaching you a safe way to lose weight. Plus they are definitely NOT a plan to continue with for the rest of your life. I want to educate you on a NEW way that's maintainable and not a gimmick.

The bootybarre BURN 60 Day Challenge goes beyond a workout. I've created a step-by-step system that takes you through a specific sequence of exercises and meal plans that progress as you do.

Never get bored. Get past that plateau.

With each phase I will unlock new workouts and new meal plans. This will help your body stay "on its toes" and make fat loss predictable.

I've tried everything. I've tried every workout, every kind of trainer, every kind of class... this is the only thing that has changed my body completely. It's made me feel really feminine and sexy.

Jenifer, new mom ~ Lost 15 pounds and 20 inches.

Phase One: Rescue

This is your chance to cut out all the noise, start fresh and create a rock solid foundation and new powerful habits. You’re going to detox from all the negativity and unhealthy ideas about food and your body and what you can accomplish in your life. It’s time to rescue that beautiful body of yours from bad habits and begin your journey to toned abs, a tighter tush and a more positive and inspired life!

  • Never fall asleep worried about your body again. I've got your back.
  • No calorie counting. Learn about nutrition and discover an easier way to approach fat loss.
  • Workout calendar, meal plans, nutrition guide.... I'm taking all the guess work out if it!
  • My phase one meal plan "boost" will support liver function and fat loss.
  • You will NOT be spending hours doing cardio or endurance training that will get you nowhere.

Phase Two: Revive

This phase steps it up a notch with a brand new meal plan, even more recipes and series of more effective workouts. Plus, this phase also comes with a free bonus workout called, Slide Away The Fat, my brand new slider video. Since you've built a solid foundation with phase one, you're ready for a more metabolism boosting moves. 

  • Turing up the efficiency so you burn fat longer.
  • Start to see and feel your body change shape.
  • Simple, effective (nothing crazy drastic!) nutrition changes to help you energize your body & shed more fat.
  • Ditch years of frustration with complicated fitness and food protocols.
  • See results without complex and inconvenient gadgets or gear.

Phase Three: Re-Design

This is where the magic happens. At this point you’re ready for some serious heat. This is where we turn up the BURN!  You’re ready to move into the re-design phase.  I’m going to really challenge you here. But, unlike other programs that throw you into the fire unprepared… you’ve spent the first two phases strengthening your body and your mind and I know there’s nothing you can’t do!

  • Warning: phase three just might set your metabolism on fire.
  • The best bodies are forged from progressive, challenging movement.
  • Finally be able to shift your focus from your body to your amazing life!
  • My phase three meal plan "boost" will help release any inflammation that keeps your body holding fat and prevents weight loss.

You don't need extremes to get Results. 

Don't take my word for it. Press play below and hear direct from some bootybarre BURN hotties.

BURN bonus bundle. Total program worth nearly $700...

Get The bootybarre BURN now for a fraction of its value!

Product 1 BBB Barre Tutorial $19.99
Product 2 BBB Burn 1 $19.99
Product 3 BBB Burn 2 $19.99
Product 4 BBB Burn 3 $19.99
Product 5 BBB Core Burn Basics $19.99
Product 6 BBB Core Burn 1 $19.99
Product 7 BBB Core Burn 2 $19.99
Product 8 BBB Circuit Training $19.99
Product 9 BBB Cardio Fusion $19.99
Product 10 BBB Bonus: Slide Away The Fat $19.99
Product 11 5 Support Call Recordings $50 x 5 = $250
Product 12 BBB Phase 1 Meal Plan & Recipe Book $14.99
Product 13 BBB Phase 2 Meal Plan & Recipe Book $14.99
Product 14 BBB Phase 3 Meal Plan & Recipe Book $14.99
Product 15 BBB Nutrition Guide $29.99
Product 16 BBB Bonus: BMI Caluculator $4.99
Product 17 BBB Bonus: Top 20 Fat Flushing Foods $4.99
Product 18 BBB Bonus: Top 20 Fat Gaining Foods $4.99
Product 19 BBB Bonus: Top 20 Motivational Manras $4.99
Product 20 Bonus: Almost Guilt Free Desserts by Ivy Larson $9.99
Product 21 Bonus: Green Smoothie Guide by Ivy Larson $9.99
Product 22 Bonus: 30 Day Pilates Anytime Membership $18.00
Product 23 Bonus Meal Plans! $74.95
Product 24 Bonus: Stretching Video $18.00

Total: $675.75 Value!

If any part of you feels held back by your health and your body, I want you to know you’re not alone and I personally understand what that feels like. And I also know that it is possible to move past that. So, take my hand and let's do this. You deserve to experience all that life has to offer you.

$675.75 Value. Enroll for just $97 now.

Join the bootybarre BURN 60 Day Challenge anytime.

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Why You Might Not Join The Challenge

As awesome as this program is my advisor tells me that only a small fraction of you will actually sign up and move on with me into the 60 day challenge. And this really bothers me, personally.

I know how much the beta group benefited from it. I talked to them personally about it.  I read their testimonies.  I saw their bodies change. I witnessed with my own eyes their confidence and enthusiasm and spirit lifted.  I really hate the thought of someone not joining because of some error on our part. I've been asking for feedback and had a quick brainstorming session with my launch advisor. And we could think of only two reason why you might not join.

  1. Technology
  2. Money

Oh, technology! I had over 7000 people sign up for IGNITE. I've never launched a program online before, but my advisor has and tells me it's completely normal that 1 or 2% of people might have some tech issues. For example, not getting an email, a link not downloading etc. Did you know that Facebook and Instagram were knocked off line a few weeks ago?! Yep... even the most powerful technology creators can't escape glitches from time to time.

Thankfully that's what customer support is for and you can also make sure my email info @ is "white listed" so your spam blocker let's me in your email inbox so you never miss a thing.

What about the money, honey?

I'm just going to be blunt here: please, please do not let $97 stand between you and your best self.  There's not a "bootcamp" I know of for less than $300. Most are between $400 and $500. Plus, you certainly don't get workout videos you can use for life. Let's get real, you probably spent at least that much on your cell phone, right? Your body & health is worth that too!

Join the bootybarre BURN 60 Day Challenge anytime.

Lifetime access for just $97!

(lifetime access to the bootybarre BURN members area)


bootybarre BURN success story. Meet Wendy.

Click play below to listen to her story.

She's a prime example of the magic of consistency. She did the first online bootybarre BURN 60 day challenge back in January and kept on going. She was in it for the long term health transformation and it's paying off BIG time! Sure, she's lost weight. But, look at all that she's gained. These are her own words, as expressed in my VIP Facebook group and completely unsolicited from me!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.31.19 PM

It's been over 6 months since we started our amazing program. Lol ... you might say, "hey this is the end of round 3". Having ya'll as a support team has been my drive. I have been more and more inspired to continue my fitness progress because of my continuous results. I'm seeing and feeling a toned and healthy body. It's just an amazing feeling!

I look forward to starting the program again with the new set of burners to focus again on strength and toning. Also, I love love love the awesome abs by Tracey on youtube on BeFit. I utilizes the workout more in our second 60 day round. Try it if you haven't. It's like a core burn 3.

So, without further ado, my results for the last 60 days are 9lbs and 9.5 inches down. Which makes for a grand total from 2/7/15 of 30 lbs and 26.25 inches lost.  It's hard to believe sometimes. My workout outfits have gone from a very tight x large to a lightly snug large in my pictures today.

6 months ago I was so heavy, miserable and out of shape. Now, I'm a focused fitness junkie who can finally sit on my heels without my oversized thighs getting in my way.  Child's pose and downward dog ... oh yeah ... I can I can! Full side plank, well I still shake but I can hold it now. It can be done ladies! This program has been the best transformation of my life!  Whoa whoa!

She continues to blow my mind and the rest of the gals in the group with this update as well...

Recent accomplishments:

  • I can perform the jumping jacks on Cardio fusion.
  • I have built up so much strength. I walked into the store to get cat food and litter. I tossed 1 - 16lbs cat food bag over my left shoulder with my purse. I held in my right arm another 16 lbs bag and a 10 lbs lightweight litter. I gingerly set the cat food on the belt to scan. After paying and fishing out my keys, the cashier asked if I wanted a cart. I say, no thank you, I'm strong. I carried the above items to my truck about 100 feet with ease. I looked back to see the cashiers direction when I got to my truck and she watched me walk out.
  • I can feel definition in my quads and my arms that have never been there before even when I was active 10 years ago. I still wake up ever morning wondering if I really have this body.

Way to go Wendy!! Thank you so much for being such a bright light and shining example of what's possible for women all over the world. It's not just about losing weight... it's about getting strong, healthy and happy. I am forever in awe of women like you who commit 100% and refuse to give up.  I am grateful for your trust in me and my bootybarre BURN 60 day challenge and for your continued inspiration!

Please Read! Important Details..

  • Enroll and start your 60 day challenge anytime.
  • Results are based on your actions and your commitment. If you want results, you'll get results.
  • I will personally answer all your questions in both the membership site and the private Facebook club.
  • For best results, it's highly recommended that you invite a family member or friend to join you. Research shows that a strong support system is helpful in reaching your goals.
  • You have life-time access to both the members site and my private Facebook group where you'll get support from myself and other bootybarre BURN'ers from around the world.  You are 100% supported.
  • This challenge might not be a fit for you if you aren't willing to make some changes to see results.
  • The price of the program as well as the content of the program is subject to change.

More bootybarre BURN success stories...

Amanda_W_BURNI am so glad I found this challenge! I always have worked out but jumped from program to program! And since I was coming up on 1 year after having my baby I thought this was the perfect treat! And well I am glad I treated myself. I am a vegetarian and always ate well. But after having my baby and breastfeeding my portion sizes were for sure to much. So thanks for the wonderful meal plan that included many veggie options. It was a nice surprise when I opened up the meal plan for the first time.

I am doing another round know and will post my results on the VIP page! I think this time around I am more prepared with the meals since I know what to cook! And so inspired by everyone's results that I am going to give it 100%!

Here is my measurements! I don't own a scale!

  • Waist: start 32 end 31 1/4
  • Chest: start 37 1/2 end 36
  • Hips: start 41.5 end 40
  • Arms start 11 1/2 end 11
  • Thighs start 22 1/2 end 21

Thanks again! Amanda Winiarski


Dear Tracey:

I was in a bit of a funk when I started this challenge and I knew a change had to be made.  I have never had issues getting to the gym or working out, but I am a lazy eater and grab what is convenient.  Truth be told, my food choices have always been on the healthier side but my portion control was out of control.

I was looking on the internet to see if you had any new video's out.  I have always loved your routines.  The constant challenge and your ability to motivate others has always been the right fit for me.

What I found was the 60 Day Challenge.

This email is bittersweet for me.  I did make changes in my psyche, size, eating habits and my life goals, but I woke up this morning with an empty feeling.  I did not want the challenge to end.  I actually reprinted Phase 1 - 3 to start the program over.  I do not want to lose momentum.  This has been just the beginning for me and my total transformation.

The 60 Day Challenge was amazing for me. It taught me better eating habits and to love my self, imperfections and all.  I made attainable goals that I could reach and then surpass.  I truly am living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.  I love who I am,  how  I approach things in my day to day life and how I look.

The 60 Day Challenge should be called The Challenge of Your Life.  It is only the beginning of my journey.  My Yoga instructor always says "Each new breath you take is the beginning of the rest of your life, the chance to start over again"  This challenge has been a breath of fresh air and I have been happily inhaling and exhaling for 60 days and will continue ad infinitum.

Thank you Tracey!


Lisa Wild


My experience was really amazing.  I eat a pretty clean diet already so for me, this was really about toning and shaping, not so much weight loss. I wanted to firm up big time!  At first, I could not believe how hard phase one was for me because of all my regular exercise. But it got easier and I always got nervous but excited about the next phase. I was seeing amazing results at week 3 and a half.  I definitely want to keep going!!! This was incredible.  I loved so many things about this challenge!

- the frequency of the workouts
-the 3 phases, starting us off slow
-the increased flexibility I'm seeing has been so new and exciting!
-the variety of workouts
-the instruction in the videos with breathing/cues/etc. was fantastic
-the flexibility of doing it from home (rather than making it to the gym)
-the challenge of having an eye on the goal of the 60 days
-the increased strength and toning I'm seeing
-my biggest difference was in my backside, a challenge for me always!
-my favorite workout was the booty barre 3 but I also love how much I feel like my cardio fusion days feel like a dance day and not working out. Love that. loved feeling like I had you as a coach! Your enthusiasm is contagious.  I am not on facebook and missed out on that part, but I did appreciate how you answered questions in the forum. That was so helpful because sometimes I needed help and you were there as promised 🙂

I'm hypothyroid and it is very challenging for me to get results with muscle tone. It is still taking time but I can see a difference and know another 60 days will get results. I have been training at the gym for 6 years and have not seen results like this is what I can do before/after.  One of my favorite things is I am looking forward to even more flexibility and strength! I have started practicing headstands like I used to as a kid. It is so strange to try but I love it! I hope you do another challenge. I would tell tons of people about it!" 


Merietta, GA


Lost 8lbs and 7.5 inches. I have learned so much from this 60 Day challenge. I make better food choices when out and about even if I can't control the food. I snack smarter and I just feel so much better!! I feel better about myself, I fell sexier and I'm in a better mood because of it!! I have made some new friends in the process! Thank you so much for this program Tracey Mallett!! I will be continuing this program and hope to lose more weight and more inches!! 

Sylvie Clemente


While I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, I wanted to try the challenge because I’ve struggled with losing the last few pounds ever since having twins almost 10 years ago. I am physically fit and frequently work out but I struggle with my core. I also suffer from chronic wrist pain that makes it difficult to do some exercises. BBB seemed like the perfect balance – a great workout that will get results without pounding your body! Since I had started to work with my acupuncturist on diet changes prior to starting the challenge, I decided to just focus on the workouts. Although I only lost a couple pounds and maybe an inch or two (if I really pull the measuring tape tight) here and there, I can still see a difference in my before and after pictures. More importantly, what the challenge taught me was that I could work out and get results without feeling like I was suffering on some crazy restrictive diet or running my body into the ground with crazy tough workouts. And knowing that I finally made a dent in my almost decade-old muffin top has given me inspiration to keep the forward momentum going!

Thank you, Tracey, for such a great program!

Valerie Vedral


The 60 day challenge has been amazing!! I went into this challenge hoping to tone up, learn to eat health, bring my glucose levels down for my diabetes. I am happy to report my glucose levels have dropped and my blood work looks wonderful. My doctor was impressed.

I am one who has a hard time dropping pounds due to my medical condition's. This challenge has allowed me to drop those stubborn pounds that never seemed to go away.  Those pounds are GONE .. Yay!  I feel more confident, my skin looks great and the amount of energy is amazing. I have lost pounds and have toned up all area's of my body. It's a proven fact that between good diet and exercise anything is possible.

I have exercised faithfully the last three year and have not had as many people notice as with this challenge.  I have alway's loved during Tracy Mallett workouts but am glad I found out about this challenge. When I heard about the price I thought it would be like every piece of exercise equipment I have around the house. Fun for awhile and then get bored with it. I was wrong it was fun, challenging and it changed my life. My point on the cost was .. Put the money toward your health and fitness.

I had no problem paying for a coffee at Starbuck's so why the problem with paying to change my life style.  It has been the best money I have spent .. Truly !!

Thank you Tracy Mallett you have made me feel good and more confident about myself than ever before.  I would definitely recommend that challenge to anyone.  It's been great journey !!

Thank you,

Bev Thomas


Excellent program - I lost weight and inches - down a dress size.   The food was great. My teenage daughter said she liked your recipes better than what I normally cook so that was a plus.  My husband was happy with them, too.  The exercises were effective and doable although they were definitely not easy for me.  All 3 phases were hard, but thankfully, Tracey builds you up so you can make it through the next phase. Tracey definitely knows what she’s doing.  She is very motivating and a great role model.  I liked the camaraderie of the women on the private FB page - nice group. Kathy Gerardy


Hi Tracey,

I would just like to say how incredibly grateful that my booty barre instructor, Donna, told me about this challenge! I have been finally able to lose the last of my baby weight and after having 3 babies I actually have abs! I have never had abs! Ever! I didn't take photos because I honestly thought I wouldn't see a difference, what a shame! Next time I will listen! I am down at least 2 sizes and 8 lbs, but I feel so good I don't want to stop! I am also proud of my self because in this moment I choose to come write this testimonial instead of eating a doughnut that is haunting me from the staff room at work! I gave learned that certain foods don't make me feel good when I eat them. Which seems like common sense, but I never paid much attention before! I am so glad that I did this challenge, I feel so comfortable in my body, and right before summer too!  Chelsea Schmidt


I lost 8 lbs and 7.5 inches.  I have learned so much from this 60 Day challenge. I make better food choices when out and about even if I can't control the food. I snack smarter and I just feel so much better!! I feel better about myself, I fell sexier and I'm in a better mood because of it!! I have made some new friends in the process! Thank you so much for this program Tracey Mallett!! I will be continuing this program and hope to lose more weight and more inches!!  Sylvie Clemente


Tracey and team-

I wish I could put into words what this challenge did for me.  I had a breast reduction done 2 years ago due to a family history of breast cancer and curved collarbone (8lbs off each breast was removed how crazy!) and hoping that it would jump start my weightloss. I began running but just never got the weight down and firm body I always wanted.

I tried Booty Barre with Laura in Ohio as a total last stitch effort. I loved it. When Laura talked about the 60 day challenge I went back and forth about it and after talking to Laura decided to do it. It changed my life.

I would get dressed for work and at least once a week have a pile of clothes on my bed and cry because I was so frustrated about how I looked and felt. I hated getting dressed, buying clothes. The running joke with my boyfriend was "no you can't wear sweats or pajama pants," because that's all I felt comfortable in because I could hide it.

You changed my life and saved my life. This is only the beginning for me-I have a long road yet but a road I can travel confidently with my head held high...I'm even registered for a half marathon in September!

Thank you for saving my life. 

Katie Critell

Join the bootybarre BURN 60 Day Challenge anytime.

Lifetime access for just $97!

(lifetime access to the bootybarre BURN members area)